Point-of-sale software gets better for convenience stores

Point-of-sale software gets better for convenience stores

A new story from Convenience Store Decisions said point-of-sale equipment and other back-office systems for convenience store owners is getting better and will continue to improve throughout 2012. This is great for PCI compliance in these businesses, which must be followed by any company working with customer credit or debit cards. If these companies sell online, they must be sure to bring that same level of security with high assurance SSL certificates.

“The quality of point-of-sale (POS) software that is available now, and at lower prices, is changing the market,” said Rick Yost, operations manager for Dead River Co. in Bangor, Maine, according to the news source. “There are some great products out there moving into the clouds, where a lot of people are going.”

Convenience Store Decisions said cloud computing, data access and other software is becoming bigger in companies, but businesses should realize that these solutions need to be protected with security. Yost said companies will pay a monthly charge for these services, but they will help companies become more secure and hopefully help offset the monthly charge before too long while helping companies stay PCI compliant. A big coup for companies has been how much easier these systems are to use for everyone, making sales and security more smooth.

“I would say that for anybody who’s used touchscreens in the past, the migrations to the new POS are pretty simple,” Yost noted to the news source. “Most of the stuff has become very, very intuitive. You have your front screen and the buttons that you follow through. If you take your time and plan those well, anybody can walk in and use your POS in about five minutes.”

Symantec's website said VeriSign SSL certificates can help small businesses gain more trust in their online sales presence. The company said these certificates are easy to trust and offer malware scanning and assessments to make sure the company and customers stay safe online.