Regulators investigating mobile software provider Carrier IQ

Regulators investigating mobile software provider Carrier IQ

Several regulators in Europe and the United States are investigating mobile software provider Carrier IQ, which some experts have suggested infringes on users' privacy through its popular tracking software.

In mid-November, security researcher Trevor Eckhart published a report alleging Carrier IQ's software allows phone vendors to track browsing history, SMS conversations, GPS information and other personal data, all without user approval. Since the initial accusation, Carrier IQ has been under fire from several government agencies and privacy advocates.

"Being open and up-front with customers about how their personal data is being used is fundamental to maintaining their trust," said the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office, an independent data privacy regulator. "It is obviously also vital that mobile manufacturers and operators comply with the Data Protection Act."

Lookout Mobile Security has subsequently released an application specifically designed to detect Carrier IQ's software, which Lookout said appears to be a legitimate pre-installed software, but may, in fact, disclose mobile users' personal data without permission.

Additionally, three lawsuits were recently filed in U.S. District Court alleging Carrier IQ collected private data and violated the Federal Wiretap Act, Stored Electronic Communications Act and Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, according to InformationWeek.