Report: Some recent major data security breaches were preventable

Report: Some recent major data security breaches were preventable

The headline-grabbing cyber attacks on Sony, Epsilon and Citigroup were more avoidable than many might realize, according to a report from Protegrity.

CEO Suni Munshani - who authored the report - said that the huge costs faced by all three of those companies might have been avoided had sufficient protection been implemented.

"The right combination of data security solutions like tokenization and consistent security policies would have prevented all of the three data breaches mentioned in the report and saved those companies tens of millions of dollars in damages and litigation," Munshani stated.

In the report, he noted that hackers are increasingly targeting email addresses and passwords, rather than going after financial data directly, which tends to be protected more effectively.

According to experts, gaining access to a personal email account is frequently easier than breaking into an online banking system, and can yield the same results. A wide variety of initial setup information for different online services tends to be stored in old emails, and acquiring one password can allow entry into numerous accounts.