Researchers breach data encryption easily, report says

Researchers breach data encryption easily, report says

Data encryption is an integral part of inernet security, but a recent PCWorld report revealed that researchers Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo claim to have breached the Transport Layer Security 1.0 encryption.

According to the news provider, the researchers achieved this feat at the recent Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS [BEAST] event at the Ekoparty security conference in Buenos Aires. Duong and Rizzo used only a traffic sniffer and an unsophisticated piece of JavaScript code to breach the security layer.

"When BEAST infects your browser, it monitors the data you exchange with encrypted websites," said PCWorld's Alex Wawro. "It inserts blocks of plain-text into the data stream and attempts to decrypt those known blocks of plain-text by making educated guesses about the encryption key."

To prevent such data security attacks, Wawro encouraged internet users to avoid malware by updating passwords regularly, not opening unwanted email, clicking on unknown links and be conscious regarding shared information on social networks.

Data security continues to evolve as more cybercriminals and new threats are constantly developed. According to a recent Digital Health report, the internet has helped people gain access to malicious code more easily than ever before, which has resulted in broader attacks against all types of industries.