Security a big deal with online purchases

Security a big deal with online purchases

With online shopping increasing, customers are becoming more aware of what makes a great online shopping experience and what needs to be avoided. According to the newest MasterCard Worldwide Online Shopping Survey, 90 percent of people look for secure payment on a website before purchasing from a business. This just goes to show that eCommerce-based businesses need to equip themselves with GeoTrust SSL certificates and other security features to make sure everything goes smoothly on the customer's end.

The survey said emerging markets like South Africa are starting to come into their own regard eCommerce, which could mean more overall growth for the industry. South Africa is currently at 58 percent, up from 44 percent in the 2009 version of the survey.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” says Anna Jones, general manager of the South African branch of MasterCard Worldwide, according to MemeBurn. “The latest MasterCard survey found that among those shopping online, a majority … of respondents are satisfied with their overall online shopping experience, with 73 percent likely to make a purchase in the next six months. While these responses have remained static since last year, they show that the level of satisfaction has remained consistent as the number of online shoppers has grown.”

Besides security, when looking to choose an internet retailer to make a purchase from, 91 percent of customers cite lower price and 90 percent cite payment convenience. About 78 percent said they look at online reviews before they buy and 74 percent said they would return to a website where they have already made a purchase.

When using SSL certificates by Certificate Authorities such as Thawte and VeriSign, eCommerce companies get many benefits, according to Techotalk, including insuring the businesses that unnecessary losses will be avoided, phishing scams can be easily spotted and the business will build a reputation as being extremely secure. These are all big positives for any business.