Security budget needs to take denial of service into account

Security budget needs to take denial of service into account

Businesses should be doing everything they can when looking to protect themselves online. From using Thawte SSL certificates to having a strong firewall, protecting data online is key. But a white paper by Arbor Networks said that one thing businesses may not be accounting for is the recent rise in denial of service attacks, which can put down the company's website for minutes, hours or longer.

"DDoS is an attack on service availability. The goal of the attacker is to prevent the data center from functioning - whether that be transacting ecommerce; delivering email, voice or DNS services; providing website access; or offering other business-critical services," the white paper said. "The business impact of an attack is a function of the length of time that services are unavailable and the value of those services. The impact is akin to losses from power outages or other failures of critical infrastructure."

If one of these attacks carries on for a long time, companies risk losing worker output, business, customers and even brand reputation if it goes on long enough. The white paper by Arbor said the average lost money per hour due to a DDoS outage is about $92,000. Companies get about 1.8 attacks per year averaging a downtime of about 6.7 hours.

One company, Host1Plus, said that fighting against these attacks is difficult because companies don't know their attacker and when they will strike, but companies can figure out their own baseline and online movements. Looking at patterns and seeing when certain patterns are disrupted or different than usual can go a long way in helping companies cut down on the downtime or cut out a DDoS attack all together.

Whether using SSL certificates by Thawte or another form of security to protect a website, it is important to make sure that all of the sensitive data online is kept away from thieves and other scammers. Businesses with tight security have a better reputation with customers and this should not be lost sight of.