Security keeps cloud adoption tentative

Security keeps cloud adoption tentative

Faced with the numerous bonuses cloud computing can give to their companies, IT managers are often still suspicious of the systems involved. CloudTweaks contributor Walter Bailey recently attempted to reach the bottom of this paradox and found that IT security is still a point of contention when the cloud question comes up. Businesses traffic in important data, meaning that any weakness in new technology areas can handily negate both cost and agility benefits.

Doubt centers on safety

The theory behind the cloud is terrifying to security professionals. If data is intermingled and stored on a variety of servers, how can managers determine its status at any time? According to Bailey, the IT industry remains split in fierce debate on the merits of the cloud as a secure environment. He noted that many cloud systems come with safety protocols, but that these are often backgrounded by managers used to on-premise storage solutions.

The privacy and security of documents in the cloud are areas of constant worry. Many firms, however, have already handed off their protection strategies to managed security services firms. These companies have spent years becoming experts in defending data from afar and can continue in this capacity, meaning that even though the systems holding information are new, there are professionals operating in the market with the skills required to keep data safe remotely.

Secure industries

The fields where the cloud is making the most tentative progress include those with stringent restrictions on data storage and access. According to Information Management, banking personnel are eager to take on the cloud and make use of the same agility and cost-cutting features that have enticed members of other industries. However, there are a number of regulations in place with cloud clauses that are old fashioned at best and confusing at worst, requiring a special focus on data safety and regulatory minutia.