Security market remains robust

Security market remains robust

The need for IT security measures is never ending. While the nature of threats to websites and networks has evolved over the years, the number and seriousness of attacks have only increased. According to new Gartner data, companies have not ignored these warning signs. In spite of unsure economic indicators, many businesses are purchasing new defense software and powering the market to new heights.

Certain areas attract interest

Some trends remain more prominent than others in the security software field. Gartner tracked certain types of systems outpacing the average. In fact, one of the most popular options is to outsource and not use internal protection systems at all. The managed security services sector joined secure web gateways and information and event management functions on the list of fastest-growing areas.

"The security infrastructure market is expected to experience positive growth over the forecast period, despite risks of further economic turbulence," explained Gartner's Lawrence Pingree. "Results from the 2012 annual Gartner CIO survey show increased prioritization for security compared with 2011 and results from Gartner budgeting surveys published in June 2012 underline the fact that organizations globally are prioritizing on security budgets."

While not all security budgets are set to increase in 2012, very few are expected to decline, leading to overall growth. Half of Gartner's survey respondents suggested their security spending will be constant in 2012, 45 percent predicted an increase and the remaining 5 percent anticipated a reduction.

Dangerous environment

When IT decision-makers keep the focus on security strong, they are simply responding to the actual contours of the business rather than an imagined scenario. According to McAfee's latest threat overview, hackers have developed a number of innovative attack methods requiring an immediate response from security coordinators. The company noted a rapid rise in distinct types of malicious software.