Security predictions for this year

Security predictions for this year

With technology seeing big advancements seemingly by the day, security will need to see similar advancements and care from companies everywhere. Things such as code signing digital certificates and high assurance SSL certificates should be in place to let customers know a website is safe and help keep things in check. Websense Security Labs released its Security Predictions for 2012, saying that companies will need to account for mobile devices this year.

"Two items are increasing traffic over SSL/TLS secure tunnels for privacy and protection," the company said in the report. "First, the disruptive growth of mobile and tablet devices are moving packaged software to the cloud and distributing data to new locations. Second, many of the largest, most commonly used websites, like Google search, Facebook and Twitter, have switched their sites to default to https sessions. You’d think this would just be a positive, since it encrypts the communications between the computer and destination."

As more traffic starts moving through encrypted tunnels, many enterprise security defenses are going to be like "left looking for a needle in a haystack," according to the Websense report. This is because they cannot inspect encoded traffic and they provide a big door for cybercriminals to go through.

The report also said social engineering and rogue antivirus programs will continue to be all over the internet, big social and political events will be prone to attack, and containment of viruses and attacks will be the new prevention.

One big area where companies that use things such as VeriSign SSL certificates will have to be careful will be using browsers. Qualys Security Labs' blog reports on a panel discussion that took place at the RSA Conference earlier this month and said companies will have to figure out a more safe and efficient way to use SSL certificates in browsers, as there can be some security issues with companies that are too relaxed about this.