Smartphone users skeptical about data security

Smartphone users skeptical about data security

Consumers are increasingly relying on smartphones for shopping, banking and location-based services, but many users are skeptical about their data security.

According to a survey recently released by Oracle communications, 68 percent of smartphone users question the safety of their data when it's saved or transmitted from a mobile phone. The study reported that 69 percent of mobile phone users now own a smartphone, and 18 percent of respondents said they make mobile purchases.

Despite a rising number of consumers reporting they're using smartphones for banking, cited by 28 percent, only 21 percent said they feel "very comfortable" making payments with a phone instead of a credit card.

"Providers also have an enormous opportunity to enhance their customer relationships by engaging with them at every touch point, leveraging their dynamic role in consumers’ shopping experience, and providing valuable information about usage, new services and mobile security," said Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle.

Mobile data security has been a hot issue in IT circles recently after HTC smartphones on the Android system were found to allow some applications to steal user and SMS data, phone numbers and GPS location.