SMBs lack proper IT security, study says

SMBs lack proper IT security, study says

In the world of IT security, many small- and medium-sized businesses lack the proper defenses to protect them from a data breach, according to a recent study by GFI Software.

Of the 200 U.S.-based SMB IT officials, 40 percent indicated their organization has experienced a data security breach due to employee web-browsing activity, which contained malware. More than half of the SMBs surveyed that use a web monitoring solution said defending against infected websites is not their No. 1 priority.

Also, nearly 43 percent of respondents said their companies do not have a system in place that measures the website safety based on a reputation rating.

"The survey results indicate a lack of awareness about the full capabilities of web monitoring software and how these solutions are evolving into critical components of effective SMB network security practices," said GFI Software general manager Phil Bousfield.

A recent study conducted by Newtek Business Services' Small Business Authority also pointed to a lack of web security among companies. Of the approximately 1,200 respondents surveyed, 73 percent said they have not tested their websites for security vulnerabilities.