SMBs often lack internet security

SMBs often lack internet security

Keeping a company's internet presence secure is critical, no matter how large or small the firm may be. Unfortunately, a recent survey found many small and sized businesses are without the features necessary to keep hackers and data thieves out. Heart Internet, a web hosting firm, surveyed employees at U.K.-based SMBs and found only a third use use type of software-based defense against hackers.

Small company security slips

Businesses of all sizes can become targets of cyberattacks. Hackers will not ignore a website simply because it belongs to a lesser-known company. By now, attackers can rightly assume that a firm will have valuable payment information on hand, whether it is a small firm or a multinational corporation. And they may assume, again rightly, that SMB owners often overlook IT security considerations.

The Heart Internet report found many leaders avoid steps that could prevent common online crime strategies like phishing. Fourteen percent of the companies, did not have any defenses in place at all. Whether by adopting better internal practices or contracting managed security services, SMBs can, and must, do better.

"It's extremely important for small businesses to protect themselves from malicious attacks to their website," said Heart Internet's Jonathan Brealey. "Repairing damaged sites proves costly both financially and from a PR perspective as you may find you have to win back the trust of your customer base if you have been hacked."

Breach prep

Several resources have sprung up to help SMB leaders understand their security requirements. A recent InformationWeek report highlighted procedures workers can adopt to prepare systems to face the current, dangerous IT climate. The source suggested workers take stock of exactly which information the company is storing. Some SMB leaders are largely oblivious on this point, putting the data at risk.