South Carolina county experiences breach

South Carolina county experiences breach

When it comes to government bodies, protecting new information going online is most certainly one of the more important duties officials have at this point. York County, South Carolina, may have failed a bit here, according to the Herald Online, as there was an intrusion detected on the web server containing personal information of thousands of job applicants and vendors. Installing SSL certificates by companies such as Thawte and VeriSign may be a good route to take for the county, as it can help make online web servers more secure.

Joe Abernathy, director for the county's IT department, said there were nearly 17,000 letters mailed out to potential victims. The database was 12 to 15 years old and had about 12,500 names, he told the news source.

"Forensic testing showed that the vulnerability was in an application on the county's website," the news source reported. "Abernathy said the county has been working to 'tighten up' the website's security, rewriting pages and implementing new security measures."

County officials said they have done some spot checking of possible unauthorized users and have found no evidence thus far, but there is no way to figure out for sure what information has been taken or misused.

Installing VeriSign SSL certificates can have a huge benefit for a company or governmental body such as this. Information going online can be encrypted and secure, and anyone who looks at certain websites can know what they are looking at is safe by looking at the VeriSign secured seal. Building trust and loyalty is pretty important for business, but it is imperative for government bodies. Making an investment in online security methods now could mean saving a lot of trouble, headaches and money later.