Study: Security trumps convenience in online shoppers' concerns

Study: Security trumps convenience in online shoppers' concerns

In its study of consumers' online behavior, Postcode Anywhere found that security tops the concerns that cause online shoppers to abandon the process even with items in their shopping carts.

Exactly 50 percent of the 1,000 U.K. consumers surveyed said they were turned off from an online shopping experience because of data security concerns, which was the top issue cited in the survey. This was followed by time-consuming check-out processes and the need to sign up for a website's services in order to complete a purchase, as cited by 44 percent and 38 percent of respondents, respectively.

The findings came as a surprise, as Postcode Anywhere marketing director Phil Rothwell said he has witnessed frustration in completing the process trump most other concerns in the past.

"While a lot of emphasis is rightly placed on the design of ecommerce sites - and design touches almost all customers' gripes in some way - it's interesting that getting 'the basics' right is essential - online buyers are more concerned about security and completing their transaction with a minimum amount of fuss," Rothwell said.

The survey suggests the ecommerce industry will need to overcome its security challenges to leverage a potentially profitable market, as a World Retail Congress report pegs ecommerce sales for a 10.2 percent increase by 2015.