Study sheds light on growing security concerns

Study sheds light on growing security concerns

To coincide with its new cybersecurity solution in the Middle East, Kaspersky Labs recently announced findings of its Cyber Threats and Corporate IT Security: GCC and Global Trends survey.

According to the study, 90 percent of respondents said they have encountered at least one data security threat in the past year.

Also, 88 percent of those surveyed in the Gulf Co-operation Council, which is a coalition between Arab states, have suffered a cyber breach, compared to 91 percent of all companies worldwide.

"IT security is most commonly implemented by using antivirus software and client firewalls, installing updates - including those that remove vulnerabilities in existing software - and backing up data," said Kaspersky Labs.

According to Kaspersky, one of the reasons security remains a key issue is because of the lack of appropriate funding. Nearly half of companies worldwide said their IT security is not adequate.

There appears to be several security concerns for organizations across the globe. A recent Thomson Reuters study revealed that 85 percent of respondents indicated that unencrypted communications are the top fear, while 79 percent cited the vulnerability of information stored on personal or work computers.