Targeted, mobile attacks on the rise

Targeted, mobile attacks on the rise

With the increase of electronic devices and websites comes a surge of attacks, scammers and viruses. Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report for 2011, published in April, said that attacks are on the rise by the number of new vulnerabilities are shrinking. Companies should look to defend their websites with VeriSign SSL certificates to make sure they are managing against attacks.

“The old vulnerabilities still work,” said John Harrison, manager of Symantec’s security technology and response product group, according to, adding that malware and other variants are being packaged in toolkits that look to surpass signature-based defenses. “When the web attack toolkits work, it’s the same vulnerabilities they continue to depend on.”

The number of vulnerabilities reported in 2011 dropped 20 percent from the 2010 high of 6,253 to fewer than 5,000 this past year. The same number of time saw a jump in the number of variations of malware identified, with a 41 percent increase. There was also a big number of attacks blocked by Symantec's tools, including VeriSign SSL certificates, with 5.5 billion in 2011.

One area that businesses need to look out for is targeted attacks, which saw a huge increase through 2011. There were 26 of these targeted attacks in the first month of 2011 and 154 in December, and Symantec's survey said most of them are coming at the expense of smaller companies.

Businesses need to make sure they are managing all security systems, including SSL certificates, as well as possible. For smaller companies especially, an attack on the online system can be devastating. Making sure that VeriSign SSL certificates are properly installed and managed can be a great move to help companies avoid attacks and help customers stay as safe as possible online.