Three-quarters of SMBs don't understand mobile security risks

Three-quarters of SMBs don't understand mobile security risks

Many small- and medium-sized businesses are allowing their employees to complete company tasks on mobile devices, but most SMBs aren't providing their staff with sufficient mobile security.

According to a recent report by AVG Technologies, 75 percent of SMBs aren't knowledgeable about the security risks associated with mobile devices, especially those containing company information.

"New mobility technologies are providing tremendous opportunities for flexibility and efficiency, but they also expose businesses to the very costly impacts of hacking and internet malware," said Michael McKinnon, security advisor at AVG.

The report suggested SMBs consider requiring their employees to use security software that features malware protection and can remotely wipe and locate a lost or stolen device.

AVG's findings are notable considering hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices with malicious applications, and more employees are utilizing smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks.

According to a recent Citrix study, 45 percent of IT managers are unaware of all devices their employees are using for business purposes, increasing the importance of company-wide mobile security policies that protect work and personal data.