US Air Force suffers security breach

US Air Force suffers security breach

The U.S. military recently suffered a data security breach that targeted the cockpits of American Predator and Reaper drone unmanned aircraft.

The virus was first detected approximately two weeks ago by the Host-Based Security system. According to the military, the vulnerability has not deterred the drones from completing missions overseas, but the virus has not been removed from the network. The military is currently reviewing the malware to determine its origin.

"We continue to strengthen our cyber defenses, using the latest antivirus software and other methods to protect Air Force resources and assure our ability to execute Air Force missions," said Air Force Space Command spokesperson Colonel Kathleen Cook.

Cook added that consistent training and education will help reduce the future threat of malware to the military.

Although the malware apparently has not hindered the military's ability to conduct its missions overseas, security remains a key topic for U.S. government agencies. According to a recent Government Accountability Office report, federal agency network security incidents have grown in number from 5,503 in 2006 to nearly 42,000 in 2011, increasing by 650 percent.