Using SSL for search adds another layer of protection

Using SSL for search adds another layer of protection

As Google slowly rolls out its SSL certification for search, recently highlighted some of the benefits users will see using the more secure form of the popular search engine.

Currently, the service is available only on standard web searches and Google Image search. However, the company is working toward providing SSL for News, Maps and Shopping searches.

Among the primary benefits is an additional layer of protection to prevent third parties from accessing search requests and results. Additionally, the service will prompt users for permission to move in and out of SSL. Websites not protected by SSL certificates offer less protection than those using it. They can be identified by the URL. Those using SSL will appear with "HTTPS" rather just "HTTP."

As Google's services continue to become more popular, the company is rapidly looking to secure its websites to prevent data breaches.

SSL encryption has become a popular security mechanism for companies that engage in ecommerce or store user information on their websites. Other security precautions used by Google on its search include warnings for websites that may be infected with malware.