Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange 2010

To create your CSR using the New Exchange Certificate Wizard, follow the steps in the instructions below.

1. Launch the Exchange Management Console (Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange 2010 > Exchange Management Console).

2. Click "Manage Databases"

3. Select "Server Configuration" in the left menu, and then "New Exchange Certificate" from the right menu.

4. You will be prompted to enter a friendly name. Enter a name that you will remember easily. This name is used for identification only and does not form part of the CSR.

5. Under Domain Scope, the box must be checked if you are generating a CSR for a Wildcard SSL certificate.

6. In the Exchange Configuration menu, select the services that will be secured, and enter the names through which you connect to those services, when prompted. (If you selected the box for a Wildcard certificate, you can skip this step.)

7. Review the list of the names which Exchange 2010 suggests you include in your certificate request. Add any additional domains that you would like to be secured.

8. Enter the following information:
Your Organization should be the full legal name of your company as officially registered
Your Organizational unit is your department within the organization responsible for SSL.
Your Country/region, City/locality, State/province is where the location is located.

9. Click "Browse" to save the CSR to your computer as a .req file.

10. You will now be able to open the CSR with notepad. Copy the entire body of text, including all of the dashes and BEGIN and END tags into the CSR Information box during the Secure128 SSL ordering process.
11. Verify your Certificate is installed correctly