How to Generate a CSR for Oracle

How to create a new wallet and generate a certificate signing request (CSR) for Oracle wallet manager

Step 1: Create a new wallet for Oracle wallet manager

1.  From the menu bar, select Wallet > New

2.  Enter the password twice > click OK

Note: The password must contain eight alphanumeric characters and special characters.

3.  Select Add a certificate request.  If not, select Cancel > select Wallet > Save in the system default to save the new wallet

Step 2
: Create a certificate signing request (CSR) for Oracle wallet manager 

1.  Select Operations > Add Certificate Request

2.  A dialog box will appear to enter your certificate information.

3.  Select OK

Step 3: Export a certificate signing request (CSR) as a file 

1.  In the left panel, select the certificate signing request you want to export

2.  From the menu bar, select Operations > Export Certificate Request

3.  Enter a file name and directory you want to save your file to > select OK

4.  Verify your CSR