How to Generate a CSR for Zeus

A key pair must be created for the server in order to generate a CSR. It is important for the key pair and the digital certificate to not be separated. If the password or the public/private key file is lost or amended before the SSL certificate is installed, the SSL certificate will need to be re-issued. In order for the installation to be successful, the private key, CSR, and the digital certificate must all match.

The CSR must contain the following attributes: a. Common Name (CN): Enter the domain name of your website. For example,

b. Organizational Unit (OU): The OU field is the name of the organization or department making the request.

c. Organization (O): This is simply the name of your company. If your company has any symbol such as & or @ in its name, be sure to spell it out or omit the symbol.

d. Locality or City (L): This tab is the city of town where your company is primary located.

e. State or Province (S): Be sure to spell out the name of the State completely. No abbreviations please.

f. Country Name (C): Use the two-letter code without punctuation for country. For example, US.

Note: SSL certificates can only be used on the Web server using the Common Name specified during enrollment. For example, a certificate for the domain "" will receive a warning if accessing a site named "" or "", because the URLs are different than the original domain name, "".

It is recommended by Verisign that you contact Zeus vendor for additional information.

Generate a Certificate Signing Request
  1. Open the Zeus Web Controller. For example: http://server:9090

  2. Click SSL Certificates > Certificates >Create

  3. Choose the option: Buy a certificate from another certifying authority.

  4. Fill out all fields for the Certificate Signing Request.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Verify your CSR

  7. Copy and paste the CSR file to a safe location and go to the Enrollment.