How to install a SSL Certificate for Netscreen ScreenOS

Step 1: Obtain the Intermediate CA Certificate

  • Open, then Copy the Intermediate CA certificate from your Secure128 portal under “Order Details”.
  • Be sure there are 5 dashes to either side of the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE and that no white spaces, extra line breaks or additional characters have been added.
  • Please Open the WebUI
  • From within the Options menu, click Objects, and then click Certificates.
  • From the dropdown, select CA.
  • Click Browse to locate the intermediate.crt saved on your local.
  • Select Load.

Step 2: Obtain and Install the SSL Certificate

  • The SSL certificate will be sent via email. The SSL Certificate is included as an attachment (Cert.cer) and it is also imbedded in the body of the email. Please copy the certificate.
  • The text file should look like this:

-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- [data] -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  • From the Options menu, select Objects, and then click on Certificates.
  • From the dropdown select Local.
  • Select Browse to locate the SSL.crt
  • Select Load.

Verify your Certificate is installed correctly