VeriSign Intermediate CA Certificates

Instructions and information on VeriSign Intermediate CA Certificates

As of December 12, 2010 we offer 30 day Risk Free Trials to retail customers. These are fully functioning certificates and you will not be charged if you cancel within 30 days. We have a Risk Free trial for each of our retail SSL offerings. These are issued of different intermediate CAs and it is important you install the CA certificates for your 30 day Risk Free Trial Certificate, if this is the product you enrolled for.

These should not be confused with our Free Test Certificate.

As of October 10, 2010, Intermediate CAs have been updated for our SSL and CodeSigning Products. You must ensure you install the proper Intermediate CA below and click here for your product.
For all Web servers, you must install the Symantec/VeriSign Primary and Secondary SSL Intermediate CA Certificates according to your Certificate type. For Apache Web servers or similar, you only need to install the Intermediate CA Bundle according to your Certificate type.

Below are links sorted by product where you can locate the Intermediate CA that you need.
For all customers who are unsure of the product name purchased,  click here
Note: If you have an expired Intermediate CA installed on your server, please obtain the proper Intermediate CA below.



Retail SSL
Product Name  Separate CA's CA Bundle for Apache Server
Secure Site
Wildcard SSL
Financial SSL for OFX
Wireless LAN Server
Secure Site Pro Select
Secure Site with EV Select
Secure Site Pro with EV Select


Managed PKI for SSL 
Product Name Separate CA's  CA Bundle for Apache Server

Standard SSL

Standard Intranet SSL



Premium SSL
Premium Intranet SSL
Standard SSL with EV Select
Premium SSL with EV Select Select


Retail SSL 30 Day Risk Free Production Trial
Product Name Separate CA's CA Bundle (for Apache server)

Secure Site

Secure Site Pro
Secure Site with EV
Secure Site Pro with EV


Free Trial SSL
Product Name  

Trial SSL


Test Root CA

Intermediate CA


Code Signing
Product Name  Separate CA's
Microsoft® Authenticode®
Sun Java™
Microsoft® Office and VBA
Adobe® AIR™
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