Why is my order being reviewed for quality? Why does my order status said FAILED SECURITY HOLD?

Domain validated SSL certificates are approved through response to an approver email. Once this is completed, all domain validated orders go through an automated approval process.

- Failed security review
- Order security check
- Order flagged for review
- Your order states it is being reviewed for quality<

Resolution Certificate authorities’ authentication engine is programmed to automatically flag certain orders for a quality review before issuance. The system will look for specific information on all order enrollments (including renewals). For example orders from certain countries may get reviewed, or orders with certain defined terms will trigger a review. This system of checks ensures no fraudulent orders are issued.

Example: If the name  "ACME" is a defined term in the GeoTrust authentication engine, then a certificate for "macmermaidtest.com" may get flagged for a quality review prior to issuance of a GeoTrust SSL certificate, for example.

The certificate authority must manually review your order before the flag can be cleared. The Secure128 support team contacts the certificate authority within minutes of an order being flagged to make sure the certificate is issued as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via online chat or email.