Symantec Norton Shopping Guarantee

Partner Secure128's 30% Sales Conversion Increase

As a security solution provider, we ran a 30-day A/B split test, which exposed 50 percent of website visitors to Norton Shopping Guarantee. This solution provides ID theft protection as well as purchase and lowest-price guarantees. The other 50 percent encountered the same site minus Norton Shopping Guarantee. The result was that Norton Shopping Guarantee delivered a 30 percent sales conversion lift, 13 percent lift for first-time buyers, projected five figures in added monthly revenue, and 100 percent payback within days.

John Monnett - SVP Global Business Development at Secure128

"We were skeptical at first," says John Monnett, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development at Secure128, a provider of web security solutions, when the company was approached about offering Norton Shopping Guarantee. "With the pricing model, you're talking about committing to contributing a small percentage of your overall website sales, .25 percent of monthly revenue, and it's a daunting proposition to give up a slice of your revenue."

What the guarantee offered was promising, however. "Secure128 has some brand recognition in its specialized security space," he says. "But when you're talking about the open Internet marketplace, we're just like 99.97 percent of the online businesses out there. No one has ever heard of us."

Trust builds business, and Secure128 understands this acutely. It sells Symantec SSL certificates, which secure more than a million sites on the Internet. Secure128's small team of employees are able to serve thousands of customers because it has developed a smooth, sophisticated automated service that streamlines certificate purchase and installation. The result has been year-over-year revenue growth consistently averaging 20 percent. Getting repeat business was not a challenge at , but winning new customers was.

Building Confidence Online

"Being in the trust-based business, we know that online shoppers often fear that they won't get what they're paying for, or that their credit card information is not going to be secure," Monnett says. "The reason you offer a guarantee like this is to have a behemoth security brand like Norton vouching for the legitimacy of your online purchasing process."

Norton is the most well-known trust mark on the Internet, a survey indicates.
Norton Shopping Guarantee is free to customers and it is designed to address the three biggest online shopping concerns. Eighty-three percent of purchasers, according to a VeriSign study, worry about their identity being stolen, so part of the guarantee is $10,000 in ID theft protection. Another study indicated that 92 percent of customers are uneasy when shopping on a new and unknown site, so customers are protected by a $1,000 purchase guarantee. If a problem arises with the transaction within 30 days of purchase, they can make a benefit claim that is managed by the Norton Shopping Guarantee team. This also saves merchants time spent on customer service issues.