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DV SSL starting at $99

HTTPS encryption only, issued in minutes.

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OV SSL starting at $119

HTTPS encryption AND organization identity included in certificate.

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EV SSL starting at $179

HTTPS encryption, organization identity included in certificate AND browser URL bar.

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X.509 Certificates for Every Need


Wildcard SSL/TLS starting at $299

Wildcard SSL/TLS certificates secure an infinite number of subdomains all within the same top level. Subject alternate names (SANs) optional.
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Multi-Domain SSL starting at $169

Secure multiple top level domains and/or subdomains with one of these certificates. Multi Domain/UCC/SAN certificates are the most flexible in managing multiple domains.
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Code Signing Certs starting at $199

Code signing certificates verify your identity to users downloading your code or applications.

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ECC Certificates

Small ECC keys are an alternative larger RSA keys, used to increase device and website speed. For example, a 256-bit ECC key is equivalent to a 3072-bit RSA key and a 384-bit ECC key is equivalent to a 7680-bit RSA key!

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SHA-1 Certificates

Our SHA-1 SSL certificate utilizes Private CA hierarchies (VeriSign PCA3-G1/G2 Root CA's) which allows you to support legacy devices or systems, but is not supported by browsers.

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About The Company

Secure128 is an independent global digital certificate distributor supplying SSL/TLS X.509 based products and services from every top Certificate Authority to an international audience. Our premium level support extends to all customers including corporate, government, education, reseller, and consumer segments.

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