Generating a CSR in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions
1. Once you have Installed Office Communications Server 2007, Click on the START Menu, then Click PROGRAMS, then Select ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS, and Finally Select OFFICE COMMUNICATIONS SERVER 2007.

2. Next, Expand the Snap-In menu until you get to "Enterprise Edition Server" that was installed.

3. Now, you must "Right-Click" on the specific server name and select "Certificates." Now, click NEXT to begin the Certificate Wizard and advance past the welcome screen.

Certificate Wizrd

4. Now, you will be prompted to "Select the method you want to use" and choose the option "Create a new Certificate" and then Click NEXT.

Select Method

5. In the screen that says, "Delayed or Immediate Request" select the Option, "Prepare the request now, but send it later" then Click NEXT.

Delayed or Immediate

6. The Next Screen will be titled, "Name and Security Settings." In the "Name" box enter the name of your individual certificate. This is considered a friendly name, and just used as a label for the certificate. You can name it whatever you wish, such as the server name or the pool FQDN.

7. On this same screen, check the box labeled "Mark cert as exportable" to ensure that the certificate is exported to other servers. Then click NEXT.

Mark Cert as Exportable

8. The NEXT screen you will be instructed to enter information based on your Organization and the Organizational Unit. For the "Organization" drop-down box, enter your Company's Legal Name.

9. Click on the "Organizational Unit" drop-down box, and Enter the specific Department of the Company in which you are securing the CSR or SSL Certificate. For example, if it is the IT Department within the Company, then Enter IT under the Organizational Unit. Click NEXT.

Organiaztion Info

Organizational Unit Dropdown

10. The Next Screen Titled, "Your Server's Subject Name" and there will be a drop-down box titled, "Subject Name." In the "Subject Name" Enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the pool in this specific box. At the bottom of the, Select the option, "Automatically Add Local Computer Name" and then Click NEXT.

11. The Next Screen will be to enter the Company's "Geographical Information." In the First Drop-Down Box titled, "Country/Region" Enter the Country in which your Company is Legally located. In the Drop-Down Box titled, "State/Province" Enter the State in which your Company is Legally Located. In the Drop-Down Box, titled, "City/Locality" Enter the City in which your Company is Legally located. Then Click NEXT.

Geographical Information

12. Now, Choose a File Name and Location in which to SAVE your new CSR. SAVE the file as a text file, with the .txt extension. Then Click SAVE.

13. The Next Step is to make sure that you Review the Settings. Once you have reviewed the settings, then you can Finish the Certificate Wizard. By completing this, you will be saving the CSR file to the location in which you entered above.

14. At this point, open the File using a Text Editor. Copy and Paste the material from the file including the BEGIN and END Tags and enter this in the Online Order Form. Then Select "Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007" as the Server Platform.

Open File

15. You have completed the CSR installation, and should receive the SSL Certificate. Once you receive the SSL Certificate you can begin the Installation Process.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions
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