SHA-1 SSL certificate

Secure128 in coordination with Symantec is now offering a SHA-1 SSL certificate utilizing Private CA hierarchies (VeriSign PCA3-G1/G2 Root CA's) which allows you to support legacy devices or systems (such as Citrix Gateway) that require a SHA-1 certificate. Please note that SHA-1 SSL certificates issued from these hierarchies are not designed to work with modern browsers.

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Symantec Private CA Hierarchy Properties

  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Symantec SHA-1 Private SSL is a Business Organization Validated Certificate
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Does not support non-FQDNs, internal server names, or private domains
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 VeriSign PCA3-G2 and Verisign PCA3-G1 roots only
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 upports 2048bit key length only
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Only supports public IP addresses (no private IP addresses)
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Requires organization authentication & domain authorization/ownership
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Free reissues during validity period
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Supports SHA-1 beyond 1/1/2017 (limited to 1 year term)
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Avaliable as SHA-1 full chain & SHA- mixed chain
  • Benefit Check Mark Secure128 Supports only RSA encryption algorithm (Not DSA and ECC)

Browser warnings with SHA1 certificate Private CA

Please note that SSL certificates issued off of these hierarchies are not designed to work with modern browers. Using them with modern browsers could pose a security risk. Modern browsers will regard these certificates as untrusted.

Max Sanshelp_outline
Total number of Subject Alternate Name domain values that can be added to a certificate. Only registered, Fully Qualified Domains are accepted.
Issuance Timehelp_outline
The approximate number of days required to validate control of a domain, and if applicable, validate the organization which owns the website.
Symantec SSL Certificates
SecureSitePro SHA-1 SSL
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HTTPS encryption AND organization identity included in certificate.
1-2 Days

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