Data security particularly important to companies in healthcare field

Data security particularly important to companies in healthcare field

Strong data security measures are a crucial part of any electronic health record deployment by a medical organization, InformationWeek reported.

One expert, Gerard Nussbaum of management consultancy Kurt Salmon Associates, told the news source that Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rules do not specify whether sensitive data contained in cloud-based EHRs is the responsibility of the cloud provider or the medical organization. This means it can be advantageous for companies to nail down such liability information up front.

Should a data security breach occur, the consequences can be dire, particularly if several different cloud vendors are involved with a group's IT systems.

"Having multiple cloud vendors can complicate your situation," said health information management consultant Sandra Nunn in an interview.

The publication also said that tougher new rules governing data security and privacy in the healthcare sector are likely on the way, and that medical offices should make sure they are prepared.

The potential productivity and safety provided by digitization in healthcare are substantial, but possible security concerns have thus far slowed adoption, experts say.