Email could be IT security weakness

Email could be IT security weakness

Businesses must be extremely conscious of any network security holes. The current environment is populated by a wide variety of malicious users eager to exploit weaknesses and acquire vital, confidential information, many types of companies now keep. According to security insider and Supply Chain Digital contributor Peter Cattaneo, companies may be inviting danger in through frequent use of email. This is especially pronounced in companies with a large number of supply chain partners.

Numerous weak links

IT security extends to every element of a company's digital footprint, including established systems like email. According to Cattaneo, leaders are sometimes unaware of this, letting the systems slide into neglect. He noted that this type of security is most important in fields with significant regulation, including banking and healthcare. Small to medium-sized businesses are often the companies most vulnerable to a lack of infrastructure.

Choosing every system in a company's structure is a separate and important decision with potentially serious security implications. Cattaneo suggested that companies have data protection in mind when purchasing email management tools. Companies can make sure their internal IT systems are well prepared for any possible incident by performing penetration testing. Until firms conduct tests, there is often no way to know whether cybercriminals could penetrate a particular link in the contact chain.

Small companies need defenses

Cattaneo's perception that SMBs are uniquely at risk of digital attacks has been supported by results from industry surveys. A Heart Internet review of SMB security software found key deficiencies in several areas, including hack defenses on websites and filters to prevent phishing. Most disturbing, the survey detected that 14 percent of companies had no security systems at all. Small business leaders may believe a company's size discounts it from an attack, a dangerous assumption.