Employees using mobile devices for work tasks

Employees using mobile devices for work tasks

New research has suggested that smartphones and tablets present a high risk for data security problems, causing a growing portion of companies to be concerned their employees are using personal devices for business tasks.

According to a recent study by Citrix, a leading computing solutions company, 62 percent of more than 1,100 surveyed senior executives and IT managers said they are unable to manage employees' mobile devices, while 45 percent are unaware of all devices being used.

"The growth of mobile devices, bridging both personal and work use, represents new opportunities for IT support," said Elizabeth Cholawsky, vice president and general manager of IT services at Citrix. "The edge of the company network is extended while software ubiquity and complexity rapidly increases. Enabling support, monitoring and managing remote and mobile workers is now a de facto requirement for IT to ensure highly productive and effective businesses."

Some employees are increasing productivity when allowed to work remotely, but 57 percent of respondents revealed security is the top issue with completing company tasks on mobile devices, the report said.

Experts say IT managers can improve data security on their employees' devices by urging them to not store confidential company information, protect their device with passwords, install antivirus software and enable a remote wipe feature that clears all data if the device is stolen.