For younger iPad users, data security must be paramount

For younger iPad users, data security must be paramount Given the skyrocketing number of people around the world - including children - using iPads and other tablet PCs, the importance of proper data security measures cannot be overstated, according to Sophos' Naked Security blog.

Some of Sophos' data security tips for young iPad users are simple common sense. If a student needs to bring a family-owned device to school for educational purposes, it's a good idea to ensure that important information, like banking data for instance, isn't easily accessible.

Other security measures, however, are both less obvious and more critical. The iPad's powerful geolocation features should probably be deactivated due to privacy concerns, the company said, and the ability to surf safely on a school's wireless network should be confirmed. Parental controls are also likely a good idea.

Finally, Sophos said that teaching good online ethics is an important step for parents, to ensure that their children don't become cyberbullies.

Far from being related only to grade-school-aged iPad users, however, these data security instructions could be applicable to enterprise implementations of the technology, as well.