IT managers fear hacker groups

IT managers fear hacker groups

VeriSign SSL certificates may go a long way in protecting data transmitted through email, websites and more by companies on their eCommerce websites, but the 2012 Cyber Security Survey by Bit9 spoke with 2,000 IT security experts to gauge what worries them and found that 64 percent believe their organization will be the target of an online attack in the next half year. Of those who have that fear, 61 percent believe the attack will be by hacktivists. Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove told the E-Commerce Times that there's a good reason for this fear.

"IT people, like everyone else, are subject to human emotions - namely, no one wants to be an embarrassing headline," he said, adding that Anonymous' practice of publishing personal information and photos has many people frightened that it could happen to them. "Attacks by criminal groups or state-sponsored attacks are in stealth, and the company can be in control of how it is disclosed."

Other top sources of cyber attacks, according to the survey, is cyber criminals, with 55 percent fearing attacks from them, and 48 percent fearing that they will be attacked by nation states such as China and Russia. Disgruntled former employees, which may be one of the more logical fears, was brought up by only 28 percent of the IT security professionals in the survey.

Ashley Stephenson, executive vice president of the Corero Network Security, said to E-Commerce Times that no business is safe from being a victim and the best advice is to have technology in place to prepare for these attacks.

"Confirming the source of each attack when the attackers themselves are actively working to remain 'anonymous' is still an ongoing challenge for enterprises and the cybersecurity industry," he explained to the news source. "We are not aware of any definitive statistics that conclusively identify the source of current threats."

GeoTrust and VeriSign SSL certificates, among other security measures, should be taken and managed by companies looking to fight against online crime.