IT security vital at all types of companies

IT security vital at all types of companies

High-tech business are likely acutely aware of the need to protect digital information. However, what other firms do with their information is just as important. With disturbing regularity, reports of data loss events at various organizations all across the industrial spectrum have repeatedly made these worries clear.

Water subscribers possibly exposed

The latest comparatively low-tech data breach took place at the Boston Water and Sewage Commission, according to the Boston Herald. The source noted that a technician in the process of upgrading the system's monitoring software reported a missing hard drive. Though the contents of the lost drive were not confirmed, the source noted that the water department sent out a letter noting that it may have contained subscriber names, addresses and phone numbers. The lost information did not include Social Security numbers.

Whether a company is an online-only firm with heavy cloud computing investments or, as in the current case, a traditional utilities provider using physical storage, IT security is a vital part of data storage. It is rare in the current climate for companies not to keep any information relating to customer accounts, meaning nearly every firm has something to protect.

Response readiness needed

Preparing for a data breach is a vital part of IT strategy. According to a recent InformationWeek overview, even small to medium-sized businesses need to make sure they have detailed plans on file to counter the threat of an information loss.

The source consulted with Online Trust Alliance leader Craig Spiezle, who stated that incident response is critical for SMBs in the current climate, as the threat that something, whether physical or digital in nature, will endanger data has become nearly unavoidable. He stated that SMBs should know both who to contact in the event of a breach and exactly what to say to both authorities and customers to save face and minimize the damage.