Linux foundation security breach shows anyone can be hacked

Linux foundation security breach shows anyone can be hacked

The Linux Foundation has informed and members of a data security breach this week, according to a report by The breach, which seems rather large, may have “exposed members’ usernames, passwords, email addresses and other information,” according to an email sent out by the foundation. While the quality of the compromised information is very limited, a lot of unanswered questions and great concern surround the incident.

The foundation’s email encouraged members to change authentication keys. As a precautionary action, the servers that were breached are undergoing a complete reinstall and the Linux Foundation websites are under maintenance.

While no full explanation on the nature of the breach has yet been disclosed, the Linux Foundation is investigating with the help of U.S. and European authorities.

According to the report, these portals are very important for many users in the Linux community and a security breach here warrants as much concern as a breach of Microsoft, IBM or HP. The incident shows that any business or organization can experience security breaches.

This perpetually increasing need for greater data security is evidenced by a new study from the Ponemon Institute. The study found that 90 percent of surveyed businesses have suffered at least one data security breach within the last year.