Report: Three big IT security issues posed by mobile devices

Report: Three big IT security issues posed by mobile devices Three major conceptual problems face IT security professionals looking to protect mobile device users at their companies, according to a CIO article from Kevin Fogarty, and all of them center on poor user information.

One issue, he wrote, is that users of Apple devices assume their smartphones and tablets are immune to malware based on the relative paucity of digital attacks on Apple-made computers. Another is that all mobile users tend to believe their devices are automatically secured, and a third problem rests with malware targeting Flash, rather than browsers or operating systems.

In all of these cases, the result is that users are unlikely to adequately protect their smartphones or tablets against digital threats, Fogarty said, making them highly vulnerable to attack. In a big-business IT security environment, this vulnerability can have real financial consequences.

The CIO writer also noted that Android devices are still more susceptible to malware than those running iOS.

Although there are risks involved, most experts agree that there are also significant rewards to be gleaned from mobile device support in the enterprise.