RSA executive reveals details on SecureID security breach

RSA executive reveals details on SecureID security breach

More than a month ago, EMC's RSA security division suffered a major data security breach of its authentication system SecureID, which is used by 40 million people in at least 30,000 organizations.

According to a recent PC World report, RSA president Tom Heiser spoke at the company's conference in London and revealed the security breach was a result of two different hacker groups.

Heiser added that both groups, who were not named by RSA at the event, are known to authorities, but have not been thought to have worked together, according to the news provider.

"What does this tell us?" Heiser asked at the conference. "Our adversary was determined, persistent and very well coordinated. They knew what to look for and where to go."

As organizations worldwide deal with increasing data security issues, some companies may not be able to recover from an attack. According to a recent study by Imago Techmedia for the IP EXPO, 18 percent of those surveyed said they are not confident that their businesses can recover from a security breach.