Survey: Organizations investing in new technology, not information security

Survey: Organizations investing in new technology, not information security

To compete in the ever-changing business world, organizations are constantly acquiring new technology, implementing social media strategies and transitioning company applications to mobile devices. However, the technological advances come with heightened security risk.

According to Ernst & Young's annual survey on information security, companies are increasingly utilizing technology with known security threats, but most organizations still aren't increasing their efforts to protect data.

The survey revealed 80 percent of businesses are using or may use tablets, while 61 percent said the same about cloud computing. Furthermore, companies are failing to identify data security as a top priority, as only 12 percent of respondents said security is a concern at each board meeting, and 49 percent didn't believe their business was properly secured.

"Information security is one of the most important issues companies face today, and strategies need to be refined to adjust to an ever-changing environment and resulting security risks," said Bernie Wedge, a security expert at Ernst & Young. "Mobility and networking are here to stay. The best-protected companies are those that are proactive, detecting and managing minor issues before they become major incidents."

According to a recent Deloitte study, 87 percent of IT and business executives think their organization is at risk of security breach through a mobile device.