How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

What is a CSR?

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a small, encrypted text file. The CSR contains information about your organization and the domain you wish to secure. A CSR is what you give to a Certification Authority to generate your SSL certificate. It is an essential part of obtaining an SSL certificate. The following instructions can be used to generate a CSR for all Symantec SSL, GeoTrust SSL, Thawte SSL, Rapid SSL, Comodo SSL, GlobalSign SSL, and Trustwave SSL products.

CSR Generation Instructions

Vendor Application
4D Inc. Webstar 4.x Server
Apache Apache
BEA Systems WebLogic 6.0
WebLogic 8.1
WebLogic 10.0
Cisco ACS 3.2
Covalent Apache ERS 2.4
Apache ERS 3.0
IBM Websphere MQ
HTTP Server
Lotus Domino 6.0-8.0
Microsoft Windows 2003 - IIS 6.0
Windows 2008 - IIS 7.0
Exchange 2007  
Netscape iPlanet 4.x 
iPlanet 6.x
Netscreen ScreenOS
Nortel SSL Accelerator
Oracle Oracle Wallet Manager
Red Hat Secure Web Server
SonicWALL SSL Offloaders
Stronghold Stronghold
Sun Java Web Server 6.x 
Sybase AS Server w/IIS 5 
EA Server
Tomcat Tomcat
Zeus Zeus